I've written several Windows applications (some custom for clients, others as personal projects that I'll share here).


SwithMail is a custom application that sends an email from the command line or a batch file.

Database Backup

Database Backup is a custom application that lets you backup SQL or SQL Express databases quickly from the command line, batch file, or scheduled task

File Archiver

File Archiver lets you move files from an initial folder to a new folder based on file age (using either 'Last Write Time' or 'Last Access Time')

Inventory Manager

A fairly simple inventory management system with check in / check out functionality, bar code field (working with most typical bar code scanners), a couple reports to find out what’s been and is currently checked out, and “backup database on exit” option.

Subdirectory Cleanup

An application that allows you to quickly and easily clean up old files from FTP folders, Job Folders separated by Company, etc. whose age is greater than a specified number of days, and log it all – for FREE!


Killproc is a custom application that kills a specified process that has been running a specified amount of time. Get rid of those pesky dangling processes that like to linger after their job is done.

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