Database Backup

Backup SQL or SQL Express databases quickly from the command line, batch file, or scheduled task

Database Backup

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Database Backup is free for Commercial and Non-Commercial Use. Some features will require a Pro license.

If you like the free version and don't need the pro features, you can still support the project by  with a small donation.

Go Pro, and get some great added features!


Compress your backup file to save space. Backups are bloated with whitespace. Zipping the backup file can reduce your backup size by up to 90% (in my tests, closer to ~65% was average)


Restore your database from backup without needing to go into Management Studio or write complex Queries


Create and manage Scheduled Tasks from the software. With the Pro version, you can create Windows Scheduled tasks with just a few clicks. (as of


Get email notifications on backup on Success, Failure, or both (Future Update)


Get all future updates for the version purchased (currently 1.x.x.x), including bug fixes, and added features.


/XML - [also '/x'] "C:\Path\To\Settings.xml"
/ServerName - [also '/sn'] Server Name (or IP)
/Instance - [also '/i'] SQL Instance Name. (MAY not be used for Full SQL installs)
/DatabaseName - [also '/db'] Database Name - separate multiple databases with |~| (pipe tilde pipe)
/ConnectionIntegrated - [also '/int'] Add to use Integrated (Windows Auth)
/ConnectionUsername - [also '/u'] SQL Username
/ConnectionPassword - [also '/p'] SQL password
/BackupPath [also '/b'] "C:\Path\To\BackupFolder\"
/Log - [also '/l'] "C:\Path\To\LogFolder\" - (if path not supplied, log will be saved to same folder from which the software is run)
/Zip - [also '/z'] (PRO FEATURE) - Compress .bak file

Example Usage

DatabaseBackup.exe /sn ServerName /i Instance /db DatabaseName /u username /p Passord /b "C:\Path\to\Backup" /l "C:\Path\To\Log"
DatabaseBackup.exe /x "C:\Path\To\Settings.xml"

Known Issues

- None - all known issues have been resolved with the latest release.

find a bug not in this list? Let me know!

Revision History

Revision: v1.0.4.1 (2020-05-26)
- Fix missing embedded DLL for Task Scheduling

Revision: v1.0.4.0 (2020-05-21)
- Enhanced Scheduled Task functionality - Added "Run wether users is logged on or not" and "Run with highest priveleges" options
- Enhancement - allowed ability to backup more than 1 database in a single task - Ctrl + Click to select multiple Databases to backup. Each will backup to its own file.

Revision: v1.0.3.0 (2017-12-28)
- Added "Scheduled Task" Functionality - create and delete Database Backup scheduled tasks from within the software (PRO feature)
- Added ability to remove machine's registration (ability to move software to a new machine)
- Fixed Readme's Product name
- Other general bug fixes / tweaks

Revision: v1.0.2.0 (2017-12-22)
- HOTFIX - fixed issue where some serial numbers were not working

Revision: v1.0.1.0 (2017-12-22)
- Add Registration (PRO) Process
- Add ZIP functionality (PRO feature)
- Add Restore Database Functionality (PRO Feature)
- General bug fixes / improvements

Revision: v1.0.0.0 (2017-12-15)
-Initial Release